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Black bear sitting and looking at dandelions WMEven when taking a break from eating, thoughts of fresh dandelions never appears to be far from this bear’s mind!

A grizzly cub appears to smile at the site of berries still available for eating in late October. This very spot is now covered in over a meter of snow and her and her family have long since found a den to comfortably sleep away the winter.

This spring has been mainly overcast with lots of rain and cool days which has extended the dandelion season in many areas of Banff National Park.  Here a black bear pauses between dandelions before sticking out its upper lip to pluck off the head of the next flower.  With such a short growing season in the Rockies the bears are in a constant state of looking for and eating as much food as possible. Even then, they typically are much smaller than bears found elsewhere in Alberta and across Canada.