Category: Stinson Beach

As the fog lifts over the Pacific ocean, a fisherman casts into the waters off the coast of Northern California. Shortly afterwards he reeled in what he initially thought was a big fish, only to find a tangled mess of dead seaweed on the end of his hook.



Marbled godwits are common along the coast of California. This one rested on one leg on the shores of Stinson beach as the sun rose above the hills. Many areas along the coast have implemented strict laws regarding where dogs can be walked or let off leash in an effort to give the native wildlife a chance to rest, nest and feed without being disturbed by the curious canines.


 On a recent trip to California I went on a short road trip up to Point Reyes. Along the way I stopped at Stinson beach. Just as the sun was setting I found some Heermann’s gulls to photograph. I have been trying for quitesome time to get a good photo of a bird in flight with the wings in motion and the head in focus.  Add in the droplets of water being kicked off the bird’s feet as it springs into the air, the sunset reflecting off of the water and the motion of the incoming wave and I’m thrilled with the result!