Category: Rocky Mountain National Park

Lodgepole pine trees predominate within the park. Long peak is the highest mountain in the background and over 1/3rd of the park is above the tree line with large areas of tundra.

This is one of the highest roads in North America reaching an elevation of 12183 feet with few guard rails and very high winds. The road was open for only one of the four days that I was there with the snow banks over 12 feet high!

This beautiful pine wood cabin, still in use within Rocky Mountain National Park, sits on a small hill above a large meadow surrounded by the Rocky Mountains.

These marmots are found only in western Canada and the United States and are typically found at higher elevations. This one was hiding in the rocks surrounded by tundra at about 12000 feet.

This male mountain bluebird had just picked an insect off of one of the aspen trees.  The scars on the aspen trees are from elk that eat the bark and sap.

A very young elk calf hides in the bushes while the rest of the herd was feeding in an open meadow several hundred feet away.

I took this photo at dusk with a 20 second shutter speed and -1.0 exposure. Without a tripod I had to use rocks to hold the camera strap in place with the camera resting vertically against a large boulder.