Category: Haro Strait


I took this photo on the trip back to Victoria harbor after seeing the killer whales.  The light was perfect and to get such calm water is apparently not very common.  The lighthouse is made of bricks transported all the way from Scotland.


Our guide had positioned the zodiac several hundred meters in front of a group of killer whales and turned the engine off.  We waited several minutes and were just about to leave when this orca surfaced right in front of the boat and swam underneath us.


With a week left of holidays I decided to head out to the west coast.  I headed over to Vancouver Island and went down to Victoria as I had heard from a friend that the killer whales were in the area.  There are 3 groups of resident killer whales in this area totally about 95 animals and they feed exclusively on fish, specifically salmon.  Transient killer whales, which I didn’t see, roam up and down the coast in small groups or as individuals and feed on marine mammals, mainly seals.