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A pencil mouthed, blue belly, yellow finned, pelagic fish. Anyone know what this is?


Green sea turtle

I chose to go to Akumal because I had read that Leatherback and Green sea turtles nest along the beaches, but I figured I would have to be very lucky to see these endangered turtles. Not the case…I must have seen 10-20 turtles each day feeding on the sea grass in the swallow waters right in front of the place I was staying.

French grunt

I didn’t photoshop this photo to get this ‘artistic’ effect. It is due to what is called a Halocline; mixing of fresh and salt water that creates this oily like appearance in the water. It is only present near the waters surface. This photo was taken in a lagoon called Yal Ku near the small town of Akumal

Southern Stingray

Green sea turtle