Category: Lake Mburu National Park

Topi and calf ss watermark

These regal looking ungulates are called Topi. They can often be spotted in the African savannah standing on top of termite mounds or other small hills. This female jumped her way past me during a thunderstorm with her newly born calf trying hard to keep up. Please click on the image for the full size version.

Waterbuck female vertical rain ss PS watermark

Not surprisingly this female waterbuck had no issues posing in a marsh during a light rainstorm in Lake Mburu National Park. She was much less tolerant of the pesky gnats flying around her eyes and used her ears as fly swatters to keep them at bay.

After a strong downpour, a bushbuck gets his coat back in order with a bit of grooming.

After raiding a termite mound and not doing a good job of hiding the evidence, a dwarf mongoose scans for any predators before making a getaway.

Just outside Lake Mburu National Park, a flock of cattle egrets roost in one of the few remaining trees not cut down for firewood.

With thorns up to 4-5cm in length, the leaves of the acacia tree are somewhat protected from grazing herbivores. By using a slow shutter speed I was able to get the raindrops streaking through the photo during a downpour in Lake Mburu National Park.