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Mountains to Mud WM


Baked mud rolls WMUnder just the right conditions, thin layers of mud will crack and sometimes curled up into these shapes that look like tasty chocolate treats! I came across these neat formations while hiking along a stream in Arches National Park.


Arches Eye WMHaving visited Arches National Park before, I wanted to explore some of the more remote areas on my trip in October. After a bit of a hike and a steep scramble up a sandstone formation, I came across this amazing cave with spectacular views over the valley below. The extra effort to get there was certainly well worth it.

Light painting Delicate Arch WM

I was recently down in Utah for work, but I had just enough time to take a quick detour to visit Arches National Park. Having been there once before I wanted to try something different. So after hiking to the famous Delicate Arch for the classic photos of it lit up by the setting sun, I stayed until after midnight to photograph it under the stars. With the help of one other photographer, the two of us used flashlights to ‘paint’ the arch in light while the other took photos. With several shooting stars and the Milky Way Galaxy shining brightly in the distance, it was a spectacular night to be out taking photos!




The Three Gossips is the rock formation to the left.  They are overlooking the Courthouse rock formation to the right.  The bright light is an oncoming car’s headlights.

view-through-south-window1Looking back through the South Window into the valley below in Arches National Park.






For this ‘aerial’ photo I climb a rocky outcrop near Turret Arch and used the rock pathway to direct your eyes through the photo to the sun lit rock formations that include Double Arch.


This photograph was taken along the short walk to the Sand Dune Arch.  Protected from the harsh sun and wind for most of the day this tree gets enough moisture from the water that wicks off of the the steep walls that act like a natural funnel.