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From chimpanzees and mountain gorillas in Uganda, spotted hyena and leopards in Malawi, red wolves in North Carolina, bears and cougars in Alberta and mountain caribou from British Columbia to Ontario, my photography is an extension of my career as a wildlife veterinarian and what sets me apart from many other wildlife photographers. For me, wildlife photography isn’t just about getting a unique photo, it’s about understanding the animal, their behaviour and making sure that my photography doesn’t impact their survival.

With so many wildlife photographers out there, the impact on wildlife is increasing.  The world does not need more photographers only focused on getting the next great shot to go viral and making a few dollars while ignoring the very animals they are photographing. Getting a unique image should never justify adversely disturbing wildlife or using techniques that are known to harm wildlife. Therefore, I encourage you to support wildlife photographers who are actively working in the field as wildlife professionals and who practice responsible wildlife photography.

Cheers, Owen

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