Seeing and photographing wild wolves is always a thrill,  even more so this year since finding any has been a lot more challenging. On the few occasions when I have been lucky the glimpses were always fleeting or with lots of trees and bushes obstructing my view.

On one day late in August I got my best glimpse this year. Some of the pack was resting deep in the forest near a kill site and the only way I knew they were there was from the periodic howling. After awhile I noticed some movement between the trees and it soon became clear they were on the move. I had a pretty good idea of the path they would take and where they would come out of the forest for a few seconds so I drove ahead a few minutes, parked my car and set up my camera. With the settings dialed in, I didn’t have long to wait. The two year old female emerged from the trees and came trotting along the clearing. She stopped not too far from where I was parked, turned and looked behind her as if waiting for something.

Wolf 2y old WM

It didn’t take long to see who it was. One grey and one black pup soon appeared and followed in her footsteps through the clearing.

Wolf pups 2013 WMWith the pups close behind I only had a few seconds to get some photos before the adult lead the pups back into the forest and out of sight.