One of my favorites…four men and a boy sped past me on a motorbike along a narrow dirt road in the western tip of Queen Elizabeth National Park near Pelican Point. It is doubtful that they were late for an appointment as there never really are exact times for anything in Africa!  The two long sticks carried by the guys are used to herd cattle and so maybe they were heading out to herd their livestock. As I snapped off a few photos the man on the back and the little boy turned to have another look at me, causing the driver to firmly grasp the handlebars and try to keep the bike on track. Thankfully the delicate balance was maintained and they continued on up the road.   It never ceases to amuse me to see the various means of transporting people and possessions in Africa, and likewise Ugandans never cease to be amused by seeing a “mazungu” (Swahili for European).