Amboseli is synonymous with elephants.  And while the elephants my look the same to the casual observer, every elephant in Amboseli has a name and can be identified by the researchers studying them.  The Jane Goodall of the African elephant world is Cynthia Moss. She has been studying the elephants of Amboseli since 1972 and formed the Amboseli Trust for Elephants ( which has resulted in a much greater understanding of these amazing animals and helped protect them and their natural habitat.

These two elephants had just finished dusting themselves with dirt prior to heading back towards Mt. Kilimanjaro. With no appreciable rain for over two years, the elephants have to travel long distances to find food and water. Thankfully, a few months after I had visited the park the rains finally came and almost instantly the land was transformed from a desert into a lush green savannah.