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Ice, water tree reflextions WM

The last patches of ice and snow melt into pools of water on this Yukon lake, creating a unique reflection of the surrounding forest.

Feather Duster

Northern Hawk Owl Tree watermark

One misstep or mis-perch and this northern hawk owl might become a feather duster as it precariously sits on what looks like a very uncomfortable perch. It was about a year ago that I took this photo up in the Yukon and in the next week I will be passing by this spot on another Alaskan, Yukon and BC adventure. Hopefully I see a few more of these amazing birds along the way.

Dall sheep lamb watermark

One more for today. This lamb of the year watched me from a comfortable distance on a snow covered mountain near Destruction Bay, Yukon. The herd blended in so well with the snow it was hard to spot them initially. I wanted to mimic this in my photo so I overexposed more than typical to create this effect.

Snow buntings in flight 1 watermark

In a co-ordinated burst, a flock of snow buntings cascades from a tree to fly off in search of food.