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Sunshine meadow 2 WM

Buzz off!

Predator or Prey wolf mosquito watermark

Let’s continue to ease back into the winter photography. Here is one from my bank of images taken in the summer.

The predator and prey roles are reversed when a ‘pack’ of hungry mosquitoes descends down on a wolf. They are mostly kept at bay by the thick coat, but just like when a wolf goes in for a kill, the mosquitoes hone in on the most vulnerable spots where their prey is less likely to be able to defend itself.

The wolf didn’t seem to be too bothered. I on the other hand was cursing at them under my breath.  The welts that I soon developed and the itching that happened for days afterwards was a small price to pay.

It almost makes me appreciate the long mosquito free winters. Almost!

I have seen several wood lilies in the Rocky mountain parks but this is the first and only yellow variant I have come across. It was surrounded by the more typical rust coloured form. Unfortunately these plants are becoming more rare as people continue to try to transplant them, with little success, to their gardens.