Supermoon July 2014 wm


Tonight is the first super moon of the summer. The moon’s orbit is closet to the Earth, making it appear larger than other full moons. As a result, tides will be larger and people will on average get about 50 minutes less sleep.

I took this photo last night on my drive back from the mountains. There were enough smoke particles in the atmosphere from a nearby wildfire to give the sunset a purplish hue.  Along the Trans-Canada Highway, many people pulled over to take pictures and appreciate the celestial event.

If you want to see the real full moon tonight, head outside just as the sun is setting, when the moon will be closest to the horizon and warmly lit by the sun’s rays. This is when it will appear the largest and when the light levels are balanced enough that you will get a great picture. If you happen to miss it, two other super moons in August and September will give you lots of chances to see it. Enjoy!