Morant's curve 2WMThe famous Morant’s Curve on a beautiful, moonlit night in Banff National Park.

I have been trying to get this photo for some time but finally all the elements came together.  Under the light of the moon the colours in the Bow river and on trees were highlighted, while the brightest of the stars and the soft glow of light from Lake Louise became visible in the distance.

It wasn’t hard to just sit and wait for a train that night, but I didn’t have to wait long. As it lumbered along the tracks on its approach to the curve I could see the lights of a car approaching. Was I finally going to get the lights of both in the same frame? As it rounded the curve I started the exposure and for almost a minute I held my breath hoping that I had got the settings correct.  Soon I had my answer…a perfect ending to another great day in the Rockies.