Enough of the winter photographs from Alberta for this week. Back in California I took this photo near the lighthouse at Point Reyes. The dominant plant in the landscape is known as ice plant (Carpobrotus edulis), which was originally introduced from South Africa to prevent soil and sand erosion. However, the plant has become invasive, strangling out other native species. Making matters worse, since the plant has a shallow root system when it rains the leaves engorge with water, get too heavy and actually cause entire slopes to collapse when the roots can no longer support the weight of the plant. Efforts are ongoing to remove it from much of the coastline to restore the landscape to its original form. Complicating efforts is its appeal with local gardeners for the bright red colour that the leaves turn in the fall.
PS. Too all the Boardwalk Empire fans out there…sorry that your favourite character was killed off in the TV series. However, thanks for checking out my site!