In all but the major cities there are no real sidewalks, just dirt paths that were once grass but have been trampled by the almost constant presence of people walking, biking, driving , playing and shopping alongside the busy roads. I wanted to try and capture some of these scenes on this trip.  I took this picture from a van on my way to Ol Pejeta Conservancy                                                                 ( in central Kenya.  On the right hand side of the photo you can see the black earth caused by all the spilled charcoal being sold in the colourful bags. To the left, hordes of people make there way to and from the matatu (taxi vans that are crammed with people, livestock and everything else you can imagine).  In the background a building that hasn’t been completed has large rods of re-bar sticking out of the ‘roof’ while the lower floors are already being used as shops to sell various items.